European Journal of Developmental Psychology (EJDP)

The European Journal of Developmental Psychology (EJDP) is the official publication of the European Association of Developmental Psychology. The journal publishes original theoretical. empirical, methodological and review papers dealing with psychological development and developmental psychopathology during infancy, childhood and adolescence. Papers on social policy based on developmental science are welcomed. The journal aims to cover the areas of cognitive and social development and the development of the person (self, identity and personality), from a disciplinary as well as an interdisciplinary perspective. The journal is keen to receive papers relevant to European developmental science in that they take account of topics such as European history, European policy or cultural diversity and their relevance to developmental matters.


Increased Impact Factor (2014): 1.721

The journal contributes to the advancement of international developmental science, and has the ambition to be or to become the most important medium for developmental psychologists (researchers as well as practitioners) in Europa, as well as one of the top journals in the world.


The journal was founded in 2004, by three former Presidents of the Association: the late dr. Sandy Jackson, and professors Willem Koops and Michel Deleau. In the last 10 years the journal has been growing in quantity as well as quality in a rapid and promising way.


Any researcher or practitioner who wants to discuss the possibility to edit as a guest editor a special issue should contact the Editor: Willem Koops ( Individual papers should be submitted through the ScholarOne Manuscripts online submission site at: