ERU at your country

In addition to the Board members, ERU consists of approximately 30 national representatives in their respective countries across Europe that serve as board members of the general council.

Apart from other tasks, the national representatives advise and assist the Executive Board, encourage new membership and colleagues to join the ERU/EADP, and expand ERU dissemination of press releases, research reports, or policy briefs in local languages.

If you want to contact the ERU representative in your country, please find more information below:


Albania – Oriola Hamzallari

Finland – Christian Hakulinen

Germany – Maja Schachner

Italy – Marianna Kosic, Pasquale Musso, & Benedetta E. Palladino

Poland – Justyna Michałek

Romania – Delia Stefenel, & Oana Mocan

Turkey – Arzu Aydinli


National Representative of Albania – Oriola Hamzallari


Oriola is a PhD student in Child Development at Tirana State University, Albania with a thesis on how early preventive intervention with parents and daycare providers can impact parenting, interaction with children and the socio-emotional development of toddlers. She also works as a university lecturer in Durrës and Tirana State Universities. She is a member of ERU since 2011. Her main research interests are evidence-based parenting programs, self-regulation in toddlers and responsive curriculum in daycares.


National Representative of Finland – Mette Ranta


Mette Ranta obtained her PhD degree in psychology in summer 2015. She is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Helsinki and at the Department of Psychology at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, in several longitudinal research projects, such as the Finnish Educational Transitions Studies (FinEdu). She is interested in the role of economic determinants on life course development during young adulthood, and more specifically, in the critical educational and career-related transition during times of economic uncertainty. Her doctoral dissertation focused on young adults’ current financial situation, conceptualizing young adults as active agents, and on resources which promote successful transitions, financial independence and well-being. With a Master’s degree in sociology, her research has a strong multidisciplinary focus, integrating sociological youth and life course perspectives on the macro-economic sociohistorical context with psychological theories on positive youth development.


National Representative of Germany – Maja Schachner


Following her studies in the UK, Maja Schachner recently completed her PhD as part of a joint doctorate at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, and Tilburg University, Netherlands. In her PhD project she was working on contextual conditions for acculturation and school-related outcomes of early adolescent immigrants in Germany. Since October 2014, she is a postdoc in the Inclusive Education group at the University of Potsdam, where she is focussing on different approaches to dealing with cultural diversity in the school context and their associations with student outcomes. As ERU Officer for External Relations and Valorisation and National Representative Germany, her main goal is to create stronger links and facilitate the exchange between researchers, practitioners and policy makers in Germany and Europe.


National Representative of Italy - Pasquale Musso, & Benedetta E. Palladino


Pasquale Musso obtained his master degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology in 2005 and his PhD in Public Relations in 2011 at Palermo University, Italy. His doctoral dissertation focused on development of European identity in childhood and adolescence and its implication in terms of European policy and governance. During the PhD course, he was a visiting student at UCLA working with the group of Prof. P. Bentler on multivariate analysis with latent variables and structural equation modeling, took part in the research group of the European project “Training Citizenship and Intercultural Education: methods and resources for adult learning (Tra.C.I.E.)” funded by European Commission (Lifelong Learning Program, Grundtvig, Multilateral Project) and started his participation in the international research program MIRIPS (Mutual Intercultural Relations in Plural Societies), promoted by Prof. J. Berry. From 2005 to 2012 he also worked as psychologist and coordinator of civic youth centres in Palermo. Currently, he is working at the Psychological and Educational Sciences Department at Palermo University and his research interests focus on development of European identity, mutual intercultural relations in a developmental perspective, citizenship and intercultural education and the role of community characteristics in the risk and promotive processes during adolescence.


Benedetta obtained in 2014 her doctorate in Psychology and Neuroscience – Cognitive Science, Developmental Psychology - at the University of Florence, Italy, with a dissertation about an evidence based program against bullying and cyberbullying. She evaluated a program developed by her research group with a specific focus on measurement of the constructs, evaluation of efficacy and moderation and mediation processes involved. She is currently working as post-doctoral researcher at Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology, University of Florence. Her main research interests are on bullying, cyberbullying, the impact of new technologies and evidence based intervention, specifically on designing and evaluation of school-based programs. Since 2010 she is also involved as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Florence. She is a member of the scientific group -Laboratory on Longitudinal studies on Developmental Psychology at Florence University-responsible for delivering and evaluating intervention programs against bullying and cyberbullying.



National Representative of Poland – Justyna Michałek



Justyna Michałek obtained her doctorate at University of Gdańsk, Poland with a dissertation on family factors and personal identity in adolescents from transnational families. Currently, she is working at the Department of Psychology of Development and Education (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland). Her research focuses on the links between personal identity development and family context. She is also interested in transnational families functioning, from different perspectives: spouses, parents and children. Besides her major research interest, she takes part of different projects about factors affecting early child development.


National Representative of Romania – Oana Mocan


Oana Mocan is a PhD student in Cognitive Psychology at the Babeş-Bolyai University, Romania with a thesis on the relationships between executive functions and internalizing symptoms in adolescence. She is also a member of the Developmental Psychology Lab, interested in Developmental Psychology research. Her PhD thesis is focused on cognitive flexibility in relation with trait anxiety in children and adolescents. She works as clinical psychologist and cognitive-behavioural therapist. She is ERU member since 2011.


National Representative of Turkey – Arzu Aydinli


Arzu Aydinli obtained her M.A. degree in Psychology from Eberhard-Karls University, Tuebingen (Germany), where she was working on mood effects on persuasive message processing. In 2015, she obtained her joint PhD from Tilburg University and Koç University where she studied helping and volunteering from a cross-cultural perspective. She is currently working as Assistant Professor in Psychology at Bahçeşehir University (Istanbul, Turkey). Her research interest revolves around identifying motivational pathways leading to helping and volunteering, from a cross-cultural perspective. Moreover, she is interested in studying ethnic identity, acculturation, biculturalism and leadership.