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17th European Congress of Psychology postponed to 2022. 

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Dear colleagues, dear friends,

In the midst of the horrible Corona-crisis, I just wanted to reach out to everyone and wish everyone strength. We receive terrible news from all over Europe, from all over the world, and can only hope that you and your loved ones are doing fine, and coping with this difficult situation.


I know that a lot of you are trying to keep up with your teaching and your research. This is great! Despite the horrid situation, we should realize that eventually this will end, and we will find the strength to resume our work, our future. And the work we are all doing within developmental psychology, be it teaching or research, is part of that future!

But at the same time, our family and loved ones are deserving all our attention at this moment.  Don’t forget them, take the time for them, at this moment they are just as important.

Again, best wishes, and strength to you, also on behalf of the rest of the council members,

Marcel van Aken
President EADP

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